Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year

I find New Year wishes interesting. So many people find this a time to bash the year that has past and put out expectations on the year coming in with great hope. "This year is gonna be GOOD" or "Lots of positive things getting better" but I don't want to buy in. I am not being skeptical I am being positively pragmatic. Sure, I had some hard time last year and if MY plan had been utilized then those hard times would NOT have happened BUT, what I have learned or what I have been forced to acknowledge in myself from going through those hard times has been invaluable. Life is not meant to be without pain and suffering. It is how we use it that moves us forward. If we deny it, hang onto it or bash it with anger then it toxifies our present and darkens our future. I say blessings to you 2010. I still pray for more ease and flow and Grace with gratitude and I hope that I will have the wisdom to find the Grace and joy in 2011 and keep my life moving forward in humility and gratitude. I still have my hopes and "plans" and I think that I know what's best for me and my kids and I am open to the Universes interpretation of the highest good of all.

In the raw food arena: In listening to these wonderful podcasts on raw I am getting some great perspective on raw food and am enjoying eating raw when I feel like it and enjoying cooked food when I feel like it. In doing so I have not melted my inner self and am experiencing my body in it's ever transitioning state. I really really love raw food. I acknowledge that so honestly. I also enjoy the convenience of cooked food right now but only once in awhile. I am eating what I hunger for. Yesterday I ate almost all raw (except for my salad dressing and croutons) until I got home and enjoyed some popcorn with my kids and a natural soda to celebrate the new year. It was a great day, I was not obsessed about food, I wasn't hungry and we enjoyed not stressing over who wants or HAS to eat what. The kids had roast for dinner but I wasn't hungry because of my big delicious salad for lunch and some yummy cheesy kale on my trip home from work. (Mmmmmm, cheesy kale)

I have also noticed that taking the dogma off of the raw food but just enjoying the moment is lightening my spirits a bit. I am beginning to engage in my pilates again. I am pushing past my ankle pain and just enjoyinhg moving my body. I am hoping that 2011 will be a year that I can just enjoy more flow of ease and Grace. Less dogma, less drama, healthier kids and more balance. I am grateful for all the UPS and all the DOWNS. What an adventure!