Friday, January 29, 2010

Beginning to Shine

Well, the last couple of days have been going very well. I have not really felt too much of a longing for "typical" or "cooked" food. I even had a client bring me a favorite yummy treasure of lemon poundcake from Starbuck's but I had no desire whatsoever to eat it so I gave it back to her. It was a nice offer but it's deliciousness would have been lost on me. I think that phenomenon is kind of bizarre. I did not even want a nibble of the frosting.

My energy is picking back up and I feel like the true "me" is beginning to emerge again. I am starting back to my full pilates work outs taking it easy on my ankle and shredded supposedly healing achille's tendon. I have not felt a desire to get on my treadclimber yet so I am not. My attitude is picking up although some of the darkness from my bad autumn experience still sweeps around me at times. It seems I have less pores open to absorb it. All in all, it feels good to have my body shrink inside my clothing size again and I feel like I am beginning to shine again. All that "prana" from the fresh food is just making life brighter.

Yesterday evening I started to count my money as bills and rent were paid and became a little stressed (a normal response) and my body is fighting off a cold that my son keeps trying to share with me so I manifested this by craving "something". I did not want an orange or a banana or even the yummy strawberries I went and got at Whole Foods. I thought about making a piece of toast but didn't. I finally broke down and ate a bowl of steel cut oatmeal. I later ate some popcorn as the feelings processed. I am not sure why I needed something inside more substantial for my body to work on in order to distract me from the stress of finances and life but I did. I still feel okay today and I think the part of being "practical" at the re-start allows for this sort of thing.

I have been loving lots of fresh foods with salads and enchiladas. I made some delicious guacamole with my surprisingly yummy flax crackers. I am still very grateful for olives. I have also been craving a lot of water with lemon but I think that is my body seeking help in detoxing. I am going to have to do some food prep soon, just not sure which way to go yet as the cravings of recipe's have not quite set in. Perhaps this teeny tiny bit of a cold is keeping my senses off and nothing really sounds good. I'll let you know what's on tap. I got a great zuke for dinner tonight and some yummy tomatoes so I'll see if I can get some good spaghetti out of it. Working a lot at night lately is kind of throwing the whole dinner food prep out of focus, too. Some interesting things to sort through.


  1. I keep meaning to ask you this - do fish items which are not cooked (i.e., boiled, broiled, fried) but are cured, such as smoked salmon, or "cooked" using citrus juice (e.g., ceviche) ... are those considered cooked, or do they fall into raw? I have been struggling with going full-vegetarian for some time now, and trying to at least stick to mainly fish (how I miss beef!), but I wasn't sure where those two kinds of fish would fall on the raw vs cooked scale?

  2. It is my understanding that "raw food/living food" is just nuts, seeds, fruits and veggies. Pretty much a vegan thing. I've heard lots of theories but I like it no matter what. Not a fish eater anyway-myself. LOL I miss a good burger once in awhile but usually only around my cycle. I suppose it can be whatever works for you and maybe you will transition over more as time goes on. The nuts and seeds really give so much protein and are so satiating that I don't crave meat. My naturopath was shocked at how well I tested for protein last time I was all raw. Even the kids test just great.