Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Calculated Crash and Burn

Well, we did it! The kids and I went out to dinner and purposefully ate NON raw. The kids wanted to see what it would be like and I, in my para menopausal nightmare was craving meat...I hate meat...why would I crave it? We went and got a burger for me, a veggie burger for my son and a quesadilla for my daughter. Normally when we pull up to this restarant, we love the smell but not this time. It was SO interesting how the smell seemed gross and greasy. My son said it smelled like chemicals.

We ordered an appetizer and after a few bites each one of us could not stomach it. It tasted horrid. Normally, my kids would be shovelling that particular appetizer into their faces like they hadn't eaten in two months but not this time. When our dinners came we all gave them a fair try. My daughter, who LOVES cheese and had been craving it terribly did not eat even half of her quesadilla. My son picked apart his veggie burger and really ate mostly the vegetables. By the end of his meal he said that it tasted awful and everything seemed rancid or rotten. I dove into my burger following my strange hormonal craving and tried so hard to enjoy it. It seems that my memory of this particular meal was WAY better then the actuality of it. No kidding, it just seemed so icky in my mouth. Where was the taste? I used to LOVE this stuff.

When it was time to go, the kids and I started our trek out to the car and I felt like I had a huge rock in my stomach with another rock inside that. The kids were exhausted and complaining about how far away the car was from the door. I told them that this is how we used to eat but MORE. They complained and said that they regretted wanting to try this experiment. Both kids ended up in the bathroom shortly after coming home. From this day forward we are hardcore...no croutons on salads, no chips, no NON raw food that would cause us to crave "the other side"...lol. I felt dragged down, blurry eyed and gross all night. I'm gonna have to work out a lot tomorrow to clear some of this junk out of my body. What an interesting experience. Rawkin just feels WAY better. I sort of knew but I didn't really know. Now I know!

Today we made Rawkin enchiladas. They were the most happy thing I have put in my mouth. So much flavor! The tortillas came out awesome and putting fresh raw veggies in was just delicious. My son liked it except he's losing a tooth so the corn kept sticking to his teeth and made him very unhappy. My daughter said it wasn't a big hit for her. The apple, honey, cinnaamon flax crackers are GREAT with almond butter and honey on them. It has become her favorite so far. She's gotten so good at just packing a little lunch bag with her wherever she goes so that if she's hungry she can pull out some fruit or a cracker or a fruit leather. I like that she's learning to reach for good foods.

We are hardcore Rawkin from now on!


  1. You made me hungry (for rawkin) just reading your post! I have a question: is it more expensive, the same, or less going raw?
    Next question: My book was a great starting point - can you recommend another? Those crackers you're talking about sound great!

  2. I have found that once you get past the initial stuff-changing stock items from pasta and flour to nuts and seeds-it runs about the same. Because we are eating less and getting more out of it we are buying less although the organic produce can run higher so it evens out. If you have a good farmers market like the one I used to go to in Atlanta, produce was WAY cheaper there so it would probably end up less. It also has taken a while to figure out how to tweak the recipes to fit us...some need more and some need WAY less. A great book and where I got certified to teach is Alissa Cohen's "Living on Live Food" She also has a DVD which is great to watch. She also probably has some teachers around your area if you go to her website allisaacohen.com, there should be a find a teacher button or someothing. I have some other books but she's the most dynamic and fun. If you click on my name through the find a teacher wesbsite (I'm in California-beth madsen/rawkin mamma) then I get a percentage of anything you buy in her store like her book or DVD. Also, speaking of her store, she has rawkin ice cream-no kidding AWESOME raw ice cream and delicious chocolate truffles. All incredible! Let me know if you need help. :)

  3. Oooo...Siouxsan...my alissa cohen website is to the right under the really rawkin snacks and above the followers in the secion "wanna take some rawkin classes" click on the raw teacher . com rawkin mamma one and it should take you right to alissa's sight. :)