Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I've fallen and I can't get up!!!!

So, seriously...(sorry guys) ...pms and rawkin food are HARD!!! Monday I was craving It was ugly, frankly. It probably did not help that my beautiful pre-teen daughter had a horrible hormonal adolescent day and rubbed me raw a bit (excuse the pun) . By the end of my afternoon I was ready to eat a whole pizza and swallow some capn and coke to make it all humb and happy again. Instead, I went with a friend to Olive Garden and custom ordered some tortellini alfredo. UGH. First of all, their tortellini is HUGE!!! It was delicious and wonderful and satisfied every craving I had. We contemplated dessert but opted out (thank goodness!). If it's any consilation I ate a delicious salad first-but it's really not...LOL.

So, there you go...I fell off the wagon. Yes, I came home and am back on raw but oh my is it hard!!! All I want is MORE tortellini. It hurt my stomach and made me feel a little buzzed for a while but I still want more...more....more!!! I feel like I cheated on my children. Today, the cravings are worse! I want Lucky Charms and milk. I still want MORE tortellini and a bagel with butter and salt. I bought a couple of new rawkin books which look really good and have some new recipes I want to try. I am looking forward to it!

Was craving more pasta last night and almost broke down and made something but instead whipped up some rawkin guacamole and ate it instead. It satiated me. It was a good choice. :)

Oh boy, wish me luck. Para menopause and pms-ing every two weeks is rough. I have heard that Maca stuff helps this so I am going to get some and see if it will regulate the hormones a bit. I thought just going raw would do it but it doesn't seem to be enough yet. Maybe over time things will regulate but MAN, I have NEVER pms-d so hard! Can she do it??? Will she make it??? We shall see. I have eaten two oranges trying to satiate the sweet cravings. LOL That's like trying to substitue a hot fudge sunday with WAY! LOL

BTW, kids and school lunches are going great! Both kiddos seems to have plenty to eat, even left overs that they nibble on the way home. I think my daughter is starting to lose weight which started to concern me since she's already so skinny so I made sure she's eating more proteins. She's such a "vatta" she would just whisp away on fruits and veggies. Gotta ground that girl with some nuts. LOL And so...we rawk on.

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