Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Easy Day

Still suffering the stomach distress from yesterday's non-rawkin adventure, it was easy to stay focused on raw food today. It was also a busy day of work so my mind did not have much time to wander. Tonight we made veggie Nori rolls with raw nori rolls. My son LOVED them but my daughter did not. I stayed on track with the enchiladas-not wanting to waste those delicious tortilla's I made. Honestly, they make my mouth SO happy. I ate one of the kid's toaster tarts this morning and was quite pleased with it. It most definitely is not a pop tart, nor is it a yummy muffin from your local coffee store but it was rawkin delicious.

I think my next adventure will be tweaking the tortilla's-maybe putting them in the vita mix to make them smoother. Not sure what to make next. I want to try something new. Oh, wait, I am going to make the pecan burgers. I have all the ingredients and am looking forward to trying it. I think it is time for some more morning muffins so I have wheat berries in process of sprouting. We have mushrooms marinating in Nama Shoyu to make some more pesto stuffed mushrooms by my daughter's request. Since the last two recipes we tried were not big hits for her, I thought I'd give in and make one of her favorites AGAIN. I really like those enchiladas and will be prepping more of those.

A client came in hungry so I dished her up some rawkin food and she loved it. She couldn't believe I had made everything I was feeding her. As she's eating one of the flax crackers with some rawkin guac, she asked, "so where's the protein?" What part of nuts, seeds, veggies and fruit does not include protein. NUTS and SEEDS!!! In three crackers plus a cinnamon honey flax cracker smeared with almond butter and raw honey, she got a TON of protein!!! It's funny how people just overlook that part of this nutrition.

My only wish is that weight would fall off of me as fast as it is falling off of my son. Please Rawkin fairies...let my wish come true! :)

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