Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plus and Minus Rawkin

Today we ate pizza! It actually was delcious! The new crust recipe is WAY better then the first one we tried. I think it is better when the crust is really thin as opposed to the thick like the "bloody lamb" that my son made. He had so much fun making that and eating it that he didn't mind how thick it was. My daughter complained because she still has a bad taste in her mouth from the first pizza experience but she ate it all without leaving a crumb so I don't quite believe her complaints.

So the good part of rawkin is that I can see my son finally losing some weight he put on when he tried a new medication over a year ago. We stopped the medication after four months because in that time he put on 24lbs. He has been very upset and wanting to lose the weight since then and has exercised with me with that goal in mind. He is a very active kid so exercise has never been a problem. I am a strict mean mother who doesn't want kids to get sucked into tv, computer or video games. Kids are supposed to move their bodie's and play play play. Finally shedding that weight is making him feel so much better about himself. The definition in his face is beginning to come back and his clothes are fitting better every day.

On the other hand, my daughter, who is already pretty thin and tall, is not losing any weight but is growing taller. She still looks healthy and beautifiuli. I had read that eating raw helps your body find where it is supposed to be and where it is most happy. With both kids to measure against, I am finding that to be true. This is a great benefit to Rawkin, for sure!

For me, I had already been losing weight since around April. I started working out and changing some eating habits and was releasing some pounds. About 8 weeks ago I re-injured an ankle and was told by the doctors to stop working out completely. I listened to the doctors for about a month and definitely started to feel the pounds beginning to creep back on. With the Rawkin food, not only have those creepy pounds left but they are taking more with them. The BEST part is that, the scale weight might not be going down as quickly as I would like but my BMI has dropped ramatically. I have dieted, worked out and all sorts of things before but NEVER have I seen my BMI drop so much so fast! Seriously, like 15 points. I have begrudgingly gotten on that scale now for 4 years and that BMI has hardly moved which always blew my mind. It's movin' now, baby! Woot!

Another plus to raw food is watching my kids have more independence. When they are hungry, they can just get a snack. We have Rawkin muffins, Rawkin cookies, Rawkin crackers, plus a large variety of fresh fruits and veggies and sprouted nuts around. They can just go grab an assortment of something to eat and I know it is pretty balanced and very healthy. The minus with that is the mess independent kids leave behind to clean I just need to teach them THAT part of independence.

On the menu today was cinnamon rolls, only one left now...will have to make more soon, had an onion dip made from shallots today with flax crackers, cut cucumbers and sliced tomatoes. My son even got some baby carrots in on the action. It was yummy but I added extra lemon for some kick. Dinner was the pizza's which were a big hit in taste. The texture took a bit of getting used to but was good after awhile. Sometimes I miss the programmed yummy fluffy bread. I'm not hungry for it, just miss that comfort feeling of bread. Kids had a piece of raw chocolate after pizza. I think they snacked on muffins and fruit leather today as well as cut themselves an apple and an orange. I enjoyed squeezing a grapefruit and drinking the juice mixed with a bit of water. It was a nice refreshing drink on a hot day. Tomorrow is a slow day so I can think about what to start prepping for next. We have enough to eat for a couple of days so I can rest easy tonight. Rawkin on!

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